~ People will get a wonderful sense of who you are for generations to come.


~ Your family will discover new information about you and your ancestors.


~ Reflecting on the past is an excellent exercise for the aging memory.


~ Our simplified method guides you through recording your history and gathering             memorabilia.


~ We are professionals who truly care about and are dedicated to  the preservation of     personal histories.


~ Recording personal histories provides a sense of comfort and peace.


~ Your precious photographs and memorabilia will be preserved into digital files for         your friends and family.


~ Each project is professionally designed and customized using the finest

   quality  products.


~ Many find it easier to open up to a professional than to a family member.


~ The experience is a wonderful journey through your life, one to be fully enjoyed.


~ Your life deserves to be remembered and passed on for generations to come!

why choose momentos

My dad, Allan Visser. I love this photo of him as a boy.

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