"The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person" - Andy Rooney
Rita Visser

Personal Historian


Graphic Designer

In this fast-paced society, we lose sight of what’s really important: personal histories of friends and family we hold dear to our hearts. Too many stories and memories go untold after loved ones have passed on. Momentos preserves people’s stories and the wisdom they teach us about each other and ourselves. Who wouldn't like to know about their grandfather’s first love? Did you know your mother wrote poetry? Why was your Uncle on the front page of the newspaper in 1945? And wouldn't you like to have a record of that?


Rita Visser is a personal historian, graphic designer and ex-broadcaster. Since childhood, Rita was fascinated by adult conversation. While other kids were playing, she would hang on the edge of her seat, listening for the next story. Her idea to capture life stories spawned after recording an interview with her Bepa (Dutch grandmother). “I am so glad I have recordings of her sweet voice and a deeper understanding of her trials and joys.” Her whole life, people have opened up and told Rita their life stories. It’s part of who she is and has built this business around it. 


Momentos publications are a tribute of the finest quality and a remarkable journey for all involved. Thorough interviews are conducted, recounting from the earliest memories through to life’s greatest accomplishments. The final product is a customized, high-quality, hardcover fine-art book. The binding is sewn to ensure long-lasting durability, distinguishing it from typical photo books. We use thick, acid-free paper, designed to stand the test of time. These individually-tailored volumes contain transcribed interviews, anecdotes, up to 100 family photographs, ticket stubs,  family recipes, and other such memorabilia.

As an added feature, we offer 'The Complete Momentos', a professional Video Doc-YOU-mentary. Interview highlights will be edited with photographs, and any scenes from your home (thriving garden etc.) that you would like captured.


Additional  services may include: photo restoration, long distance audio recordings, fine art portrait painting commissions, ethical wills, family websites, photo videos, recorded interviews, or the transcription of saved recordings. Regardless of what product you choose, your Momentos project will bring your family legacy to life for generations to come.