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Your life story experience, step by step...

(Same steps apply for the audio recording - minus the book production.)


I'll bring the biscuits and the tea. Our first meeting with be a delightful conversation to get acquainted. Together we will preview a list of interview questions and discuss which stories, poems, letters, and other memorabilia to include in your Momentos. This session will spark ideas and guide you through selecting the details you want to share about your life before our interview session. It's such a pleasure to help get the memories flowing.


I will also leave with you a package including a guide to help you to choose the best photos and memorabilia for your Lifestory Tribute Book. The package highlights each section, making it easy to keep organized (Childhood, Travel, Marriage, etc.). The package also contains a list of interview tips to help prepare for your interview. This process typically takes one hour of your time and I will be there to answer any questions you may have.