People will get a wonderful sense of who you are for generations to come.


Your family will discover new information about you and your ancestors.


Reflecting on the past is an excellent exercise for the aging memory.


Our simplified method guides you through recording your history and gathering    memorabilia.


We are professionals who truly care about and are dedicated to the preservation of personal histories.


Recording personal histories provides a sense of comfort and peace.


Your precious photographs and memorabilia will be preserved into digital files for  your friends and family.


Each project is professionally designed and customized using the finest

quality products.


Many find it easier to open up to a professional than to a family member.


The experience is a wonderful journey through your life, one to be fully enjoyed.

Your life deserves to be remembered and passed on for generations to come!

why choose momentos
We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. ~ Unknown

My dad, Allan Visser. I love this photo of him as a boy.